Buying a mattress is not a piece of cake. You cannot understand all the mattress types available in the market in just a few hours. A long list of features needs to be understood to buy the best mattress, which is technically impossible.

So, what else can we do?

We can play smart by just understanding the myths about mattresses. This way, you can find the best mattress, check here to get some reliable memory foam mattresses

After debunking all the falseness about mattresses, you can practice a safe purchase as no one will be able to make a fool out of you.

The following are some widespread myths about mattresses.

Myth number 1:

Mattresses need to be changed after every eight years.

If this is true for all mattresses, what would you say for a mattress in your guest house? The use will decide the lifetime of a mattress.

Expecting that a mattress will lose all its qualities just by lying on a bed is nonsense. Not only this, if you are using the mattress properly, it is quite possible that it would last for longer than eight years. In some cases, it is fairly possible to last for 12 years or more, especially when there are no kids around. 

Now, you must be confused about when is the right time to change a mattress. Don’t worry; your backaches and disturbed night sleep will tell you about it. 

Myth number 2:

Firm Mattress is the best

Imagine somebody saying to a diabetic person, “drinking full-cream milk is best for your health.”  Do you think it is good advice?

Well, of course, it is not. The same goes for the mattresses. The suitability of a mattress depends upon the personal preferences of the buyer.

Secondly, firm mattresses are hard. They are not fit for those who are suffering from backache.  The firm mattresses are not soft, and they will rarely adjust with your body shape. You need to first find out your preferences to get the best mattress. 

Myth number 3:

A right mattress will not toss and turn.

Any movement on your mattress will be felt. You cannot expect this even from the best mattresses. However, those plush memory foams can help you as you will experience better support and balance.

A quality mattress can only minimize the toss and turn effect. As each individual lying on the mattress will be fixed in his space, the movement would be less jolty. 

Myth number 4:

A quality mattress is a perfect fit initially.

Nope, how will the mattress know what is your weight and body type? It cannot. However, the mattress will get adjusted according to your body type. You will need a month or a few weeks to adjust your body to the new mattress.

Expecting that the mattress is already designed for your body only is not a wise thing to think.

Myth number 5:

 Flip the mattress every month

You cannot practice this and expect to get a new mattress, especially when you are using a one-sided mattress.

Here is how this theory can help.

  • You should try sleeping in different positions.
  • Never flip the mattress, instead rotate it.


These five myths can help you in getting the best mattress. Moreover, you can also use your mattress to its fullest. There are no strict rules; you only need to use your common sense and do a bit of research online. This way, you can learn a lot about the available mattresses in the market.